Trouble Ticket System Update

TroubleTicketSystemWe’ve updated the trouble ticket system with lots of new features!  In addition to a new screen where you can open new tickets, you can also look up your old tickets using your email address and your ticket number.  The new system has better tracking features in the back-end, so we can more quickly move forward with resolving your issue.  And, every step of the way the new system will keep you updated via email on what’s happening.  Additionally, we are incorporating features that make it possible for you to send your work orders for the Maintenance Department within the same system.

One of more exciting new features is that this new system is available off-campus.  This means that you can now open new tickets and check your ticket status from home.

New Features:

  • Available off-campus
  • Better email notifications
  • Check status of your past tickets
  • Now incorporates the Maintenance Department
  • Faster, more secure back-end

Check it out today!