Free Wi-Fi Setup is now Transparent!

Great news!  Setting up your device to connect to the Internet using the “UBCFreeInternet” Wi-Fi network and your username and password now consists of just connecting to the wireless network and entering your credentials!

Once you connect and try to access the web, you’ll see a log-in screen similar to this:

screenshot censornet portal login page

To log in, simply enter your Internet username and password in the boxes provided.

Note: you must install the certificate by accessing the link marked “install this certificate.”  Installing this certificate will enable access to secure (HTTPS) sites.

New Easier Setup for UBC Web Filter

confused-computer-300x200Tired of struggling to remember how to turn on and off the settings in your computer for Internet access through the UBC web filter?  Things just got a lot easier.  Thanks to recent updates to the web filter system, we are now able to greatly simplify the setup process.  For Windows, you simply download a zip file containing two scripts.  One script enables the proxy settings for use on campus networks, and the other disables the proxy settings for use at another WiFi hotspot.  For Mac, you simply install a profile to your computer that sets things up automatically.

While previous setup instructions still work, they may not at some point in the future.  We recommend that going forward you use the new instructions.

To get started, visit this page.

Trouble Ticket System Update

TroubleTicketSystemWe’ve updated the trouble ticket system with lots of new features!  In addition to a new screen where you can open new tickets, you can also look up your old tickets using your email address and your ticket number.  The new system has better tracking features in the back-end, so we can more quickly move forward with resolving your issue.  And, every step of the way the new system will keep you updated via email on what’s happening.  Additionally, we are incorporating features that make it possible for you to send your work orders for the Maintenance Department within the same system.

One of more exciting new features is that this new system is available off-campus.  This means that you can now open new tickets and check your ticket status from home.

New Features:

  • Available off-campus
  • Better email notifications
  • Check status of your past tickets
  • Now incorporates the Maintenance Department
  • Faster, more secure back-end

Check it out today!

Help Menu

Help_buttonWe’ve renamed the “Useful Stuff” menu at the top of the page to “Help” to better reflect the content that it contains.  The menu has the same content as before, with the addition of a link to the trouble ticket system.  This change should make our helpful information more visible and readily accessible to our users.

A note about the trouble ticket system: While this is the preferred method for getting help with computer problems, it only works when you’re accessing this site from a computer that is on one of our school networks.  In other words, if you try this from off-campus it won’t work.

New Security for Email Lists

padlock-154684_640In order to protect the privacy of our campus populations, we have made email addresses available only to logged in users of this site.  Basically what this means is that only staff and faculty (at least those with campus computer logins) can access these email lists.  If you are not logged in, you will get a message that says that you need to log in to see this content.

Logging in is easy, and you don’t even need to create an account first.  Your account is created automatically when you log in for the first time, based on information stored in the school’s central authentication server.  You will need to use your username and password that you use to log in to your school computer.  Use the short version of your username; which is usually your first initial plus your last name, all in lowercase without spaces.

You’ll find the login form on the lower right side of the portal site.  Have a blessed day!

New Features!

Our portal site has new features!  We now have the ability for Staff and Faculty to have their own login to the portal site.  Your username and password are the same as for your computer (i.e. not your internet login).  There is a login form on the right side towards the bottom of the screen.

At this point, logging in doesn’t do much other than just log in.  In the future we may make certain pages visible only to logged-in users, so it will be more important in the future.  There is a document management feature that is in process of development, and is available in your dashboard once you log in.  Feel free to try it out if you like.  You can use this feature to upload and share documents with other users of the portal site.

Also, we have added links to our Facebook page and Youtube channel.

Have a great day, and God Bless!